Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the air !

The sun shines, it's nearly spring ,
the best season of the year.

I made some smiling faces , to bring you in the mood for spring
Available in my Shop,
the big ones here and the small ones here


SleightGirl said... cute!

Anonymous said...

these are so cute !!!!

cabin + cub said...

very cute! :)

Paper Girl Productions said...


Raquel said...

Ze zijn geweldig, Trudette! Hier wordt je inderdaad vrolijk van!

Splendid Things said...

I love these! So cute and creative! Jeanette

Jaimee said...

How sweet :)

TheBored said...

AWW *_* how cute nice blog

Anonymous said...

Dit is ook een leuk idee!!!


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