Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Deer stag

This is my latest creation.
It's all about stags and deer this autumn.
I used the tapestry crochet method, 
find out more here .

To make the pillow the right size,
I crocheted several bands of single crochet 
to achive a nice block pattern,  
'patchwork like' effect.
It matches the rest of my cushions.
The left one, I made earlier.
The right one is from Ikea.
I designed this stag for the tapestry crochet.
Feel free to use this grid for whatever project you like,
however I would really appreciate it if you linked back to my site to show where you got it from.
And of course I'd love to see what you made of it.
Happy creating!


CV ~ hatseflatser said...

mooi mooi mooi! linkje naar tapestry werkt bij mij niet, maar ligt miss aan mij. (wil ik ook echt s gaan proberen)

trudette said...

dank je , ik zal het even nakijken :)

Helena said...

Mooi hoor! Zeker met die aardse tinten.

Annet Huistuinentollerblog said...

Mooi! Met een knipoog naar de kerst. Of niet?

Anonymous said...

gaaf zeg ♥

liefs jenneke

Anja said...

Wat mooi !!!!

Astri Bowlin said...

Love this. Thank you!

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