Friday, December 20, 2013

update on the gloves

When you end off after crocheting your gloves, be sure to leave enough yarn so that you can 
 sew the side seams together (leaving an opening on each glove for the thumbs) 
To make the thumbs ,
crochet 4 rows of single crochet round the bit you left open for the thumb.
 row 1 : 22 sc
row 2 : 20 sc
row 3 : 18 sc 
row 4 : 17 sc
Make sure you fit the glove while you are crocheting so you can adjust the stitches to make a perfect fit for yourself. 
Crochet 2 rows of 28 sc round the wrist side,
 to finish of the gloves .

Happy crocheting !


2Turtle Doves Designs said...
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2Turtle Doves Designs said...

Very pretty and nicely done :-)

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